Update on things

Yayness, I’ve got me Mac now, and I love it to bits (this being posted in the…..newly installed Flock). Its one hell of a beast, I love it to bits. Protools absolutely flies in it. The recording gear is all going, Genelec 8030As, M-Audio FW1814, and other useful pieces of noisy doowotsits.

Also, I aint single anymore, so I’m loving that to bits….my Bindi rocks 🙂

A few things I’ve found out in the past few months

  • OS X is absolutely amazing, I knew this but this is just confirmation of it.
  • Windows Vista is actually half decent, really surprised, my laptop flies with it on…..
  • Never agree to work in a call centre, you’ll never be able to leave……
  • Quadruple tracking makes a lot of difference
  • The POD XT is a huge improvement over the Pod 2.0
  • Your face

Love you Bindi 🙂

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~ by Stuart Howlette B.Sc. on June 1, 2007.

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