The trials and tribulations of Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux. Fun. Well, I say fun, it can be a downright nightmare sometimes, but it gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment to get everything working in it.

The story with Linux started many many years ago for me. I tried back in about ’99/’00 to get a PC working with Linux. BIG mistake. I had no idea what I was doing really, and soon reverted back to Windows. I was probably trying to run Red Hat or something like that anyway, which is never the best place to start.

Fast forward to this year and I acquired a PC from a friend who couldn’t get it to work. I couldn’t find my Windows 2000 install disk, so went with Linux to keep meself occupied. Dyne:bolic started it, then Gnoppix, then Ubuntu. I liked it, kept it, and used it a lot. Then I trashed that PC.

Then again a couple of months later, Ubuntu went onto my old desktop when I got my new laptop, and it worked nicely, except wireless. Same story with the laptop. It took three months of working with Ubuntu (thanks goes out to the Ubuntu Forums for this) to get wireless working properly, with an upgrade to Edgy Eft (6.10) helping greatly. The desktop worked out the box (shame the card is a bit tempremental), and the Laptop just needed a firmware cutter.

The desktop has been more or less replaced from what it was, thanks to inheriting my grandma’s PC to use. Beryl is beautiful and flawless, I love it.

Specs for the laptop are:
AMD Turion 64 1.8 Ghz Processor
80 GB Harddrive
128MB ATI Radeon XPress
Broadcom 4318 Wireless Adapter
15.4″ Screen
External Freecom USB 2.0 400GB Hard Drive

Specs for the desktop are:
AMD Semipron 2800+ Processor
256 MB DDR RAM (will be upgrade to 1 GB soon)
3 Hard drives totalling 340 GB of Space
256MB NVidia GeForce 6200
17″ CRT (for now….)

Soon to be added are two TFT’s, Firewire to the laptop, and my full recording setup 🙂

I can’t wait, it’s gonna be fun


~ by Stuart Howlette B.Sc. on December 15, 2006.

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